Nicola MacCameron, Audiobook Producer/Narrator, Author, Adventurer, Citizen of Many Worlds.


Hi! I’m  Nicola!  I’m excited to meet you!  For far too long, I’ve been putting my character Leoshine out front.  She is such an awesome personality.  I want you to know her and appreciate her.

Then these other characters started to push forward.  Jeff, the single father, Quenby, the Fairy, to name a few.  The one thing they had in common was….me!  So I’m taking back my site.  I’m standing up as their creator. I’m giving you, their reader, a spring board to jump to them, your guides into worlds of science fiction (Leoshine), Realistic Literature (Jeff), and fantasy (Quenby).

I’m also an audiobook producer. If you are a writer, hire me to bring your story to life! Audiobooks are bringing the world a whole new playground. If you are a reader/listener, check out my books at You’ll find non fiction, childrens books, fantasy and inspirational fiction! More books are being added all the time!

Nan Driving

This is me, driving a LandCruiser through the African bush.  It was one of the most awesome moments of my life.  The puddles were a meter deep.  We used that snorkel, and gave the car washers a run for their rags.  In my hand you see a piece of dried meat, biltong; sustenance for trekkers.


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