Nicola MacCameron, Audiobook Producer/Narrator, Author, Adventurer, Citizen of Many Worlds.


Hi! I’m  Nicola!  I’m excited to meet you! 

What is your writing story? How did you come to love the art of telling a story, of enriching the world with deeper meaning ignited with imagination?

I have stories to tell, about Jeff, the single father, Quenby, the Fairy, the girl with the violin, the child bride, to name a few.  Use this site as a spring board to jump to them, your guides into worlds of science fiction (Leoshine), Realistic Literature (Jeff), and fantasy (Quenby).

I’m also an audiobook producer. If you are a writer, hire me to bring your story to life! Audiobooks are bringing the world a whole new playground. If you are a reader/listener, check out my books at my website Or You’ll find non fiction, childrens books, fantasy and inspirational fiction! More books are being added all the time!

Nan Driving

This is me, driving a LandCruiser through the African bush.  It was one of the most awesome moments of my life.  The puddles were a meter deep.  We used that snorkel, and gave the car washers a run for their rags.  In my hand you see a piece of dried meat, biltong; sustenance for trekkers.

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