Spring is tickling the feathers of our chickadees, and also my notions for this blog.  For a long time I have hidden behind the main character of my magnum opus, Leoshine.

She lively and clever, curious and thoughtful, desires to help and doesn’t always think through the consequences.  She is thrown into a desperate situation and she climbs her way to the top, not always by her own smarts.

Now she is joined by some other characters who have grown into stories of their own.  I am no longer a one story author, and my blog must reflect the diversity.  There is more to me than I can ever tell here.

Today I learned about public words and private words.  Public words mean the same thing to everybody.  Private words convey meaning to the author and perhaps an inner circle.  I believe that creating our own private meanings, experiences, devotions is the true pleasure of reading stories.

I desire for you to hunt the true meaning my stories have for you.  Make them your own. Live through my characters and grow in compassion for your fellow humans through their experiences.

I am excited to journey with you!


6 thoughts on “Leoshine has company

  1. Interesting concept about public and private words. I don’t think I fully grasp it from your description.

    It seems to me that all written words are open to various interpretations (that is, there are no words that “mean the same thing to everyone” because everyone sees things a little differently).

    I’d love to hear more about what you mean.


    • Think of it on a continuum instead of black and white. The word ‘hat’ has many possible realisations, but it ends up as something placed upon the head for decoration or protection. If I add ‘my mother’s velvet beret that smells like her favourite perfume’ I step into privacy. Only I know what my mother looked like in that hat, and what her favourite perfume was.
      Another step further would be, ‘mum’s velvet beret that she only wore on one day a year, that smelled of her wedding day’. Only I know which day that was, and why only that day. Only she knows what her wedding day smelled like, and how do I know? She must have shared something intimate with me about it. Does that help?


      • Yes! So… when you talk about privacy in terms of the words shared between an author and her readers, what is that about? Does it refer to the shared experience of knowing the story and the characters, as only those who have read it know them?

        Or is it even more personal than that, involving having personal dialogue with you that creates meaning above and beyond the experience of reading your stories, because you’ve shared “behind the scenes” things that only you know about the story?


      • Once more you have stimulated new thoughts in me! What a privilege to have contact with you!
        I’m going to have to write about this in a post because the answer is yes to both.
        As you read a story, maybe you come across the word ‘hat’ and immediately visualise a hat in your closet. For you, the character wears that hat. For me, it is another hat until you tell me about your hat and I think, ‘her hat is more awesome than mine’. We share this experience. Only we know what we visualise. Two other readers may share other pictures.
        Or I may describe the hat in particular detail. Gandalf’s hat is Gandalf’s hat. No other wizard has one like it. All who have read the description are in the private club. But what if Tolkien told the Inklings that inspiration for the hat came from his grandmother’s attic, and an old cat had slept on it so it was impregnated with cat fur, so he imagines Gandalf has a cat, but didn’t write it in the story? That would answer the second example.
        The point I’ll make in my post will be….. stories create community.

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      • Last night I spoke to God about public and private words as pertains to the Bible. There are universal truths that every believer takes to heart, and there are intimate whispers to each individual who dares to fall in love with the Ultimate Love. God is personal! He has a unique relationship with each of us. He made us to hear His Word and worship and serve Him in ways no other human can. At the same time, we gather in One Spirit, and His Word stirs us to a group effort that changes the world into His Kingdom.
        Public and Private Words find their greatest fulfillment in God’s Word.

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