We can’t help it. We are born of a violent God.

Heresy!  God is love, I hear the crowd gasp.  Love is soft and mushy, right?  Love lets anyone do anything anywhere, as long as it feels good, right? No, sorry. Love must be tough, and Love brings brute force down upon our hearts and emotions.

Is God a pacifist?  Where does the lake of fire come in to that thought?

David was not allowed to build the temple because he was a ‘Man of Blood’.  Therefore violence brings restrictions. However, David’s warrior identity was precious to and used by God for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.” not to promote doormattedness, but to escalate the violence to the point of exposing the offender’s shame.

Training to fight and kill means training to discern the time to kill, and the time for peace.  Without the training to use the violence correctly, we propagate violence because it plows straight through us.  When violent people are intimidated by our training, they pause.

As with every aspect of our being, giving our ability, nay, our penchants for violence over to God is the only way to see good come from evil.


2 thoughts on “Love is violent

  1. Interesting thoughts. Reminds me of the gun control debate, especially the part at the end about how being trained in the proper use of force and using it appropriately stays the hand of true evil.


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