Violence is to humans as oxygen is to water.

I once toured Britain from Inverness to Plymouth and came to the conclusion that the people of that collections of islands may be worthy of the title, “Most violent humans.”  Their domination of the globe certainly blossomed from a highly developed sense of cruelty to themselves.

Have you watched Goodbye Mr. Chips (2002 TV Movie version)?  Have you read Stalky and Company by Rudyard Kipling?  Do you know how the British navy treated its own sailors throughout its domination of the seas?

Africa is a tribal place.  The antelope were said to have grown fat and lazy during the time of Shaka Zulu’s conquest of southern Africa, because the lions fed exclusively on dead humans.

Asia, North America, wherever humans reside there is brute force borne upon ourselves and each other. We invite violence into our living rooms and bedrooms through screens and hand held devices.

Tut, tut (or the dialectic equivalent) we say.  Violence is for barbarians, for animals that don’t have the higher cognitive functions we enjoy.  We strongly disapprove of it in all forms, right?

We don’t like to think of ourselves or our God as violent beings.  We want to think we are unaffected by the blood gushing from the actors on our bedroom wall, while in truth we are desensitized.  Our violent proclivity is soothed, and nourished, permitted while we deceive ourselves with boxes of chocolates and flowers.

Rather let us acknowledge that we are, every one of us, capable of gross indecency toward ourselves and one another, and let us turn our proclivities over to Jesus and His Father and Spirit, Who alone have the wisdom and authority to control and use the evil within us for good.  Let us train ourselves with wisdom and physical prowess, to discern the purpose of our violent tendencies, to know the times to turn it on.  Only then will we be able to control it and truly turn it off.




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