I found this in an old notebook I was keeping ideas in about 10 years ago:

I, this humble human, am a fluid spread on a slice of NOW (a function of time).  I ooze my way from one slice to the next; they are stacked like dominoes. One slice follows another until I reach the final NOW that ends all NOWs.  I don’t know what happens after that, but I’m promised that it will be mindblowingly amazing.

I am sticky.  I leave traces behind me and diminish in size (volume) but I also pick up residue from what I meet in each NOW.

Other people’s souls are also oozing across each Time slice, and when our NOWs collide we mingle and leave with some residue of each other.  Souls are the connections between NOWs, of people, of places, of animals, and objects and possessions.

NOWs still happen when there is no earthly soul because there is an Ultimate Soul, a personality, a triune Being that experiences all Time as the same moment.

There is an enemy that tries to destroy all connectivity.  The Ultimate Soul accepted the ultimate disconnectivity in order to restore me to NOW.

How are your NOWs going?  What have you done to make someone elses’ NOW amazing?  Quick!  Before the Time Slice passes, before you pick up some unhealthy residue!


Carpe Diem!   


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