What was the world like before it needed saving?  Have we established beyond debate that the evil we find in this world is not a necessary part? It is an add on that we can get rid of. Maybe we are here to get rid of it.

Have we established that evil is banished by holiness?  That strength and brains and charisma and all the other characteristics that we humans use to save the world can go very far, but not far enough. We need to be separate from what we are trying to save, outside, removed from.

Humans are bridges. We are made from the same elements as the world AND we have the capacity to see beyond those elements.  What element is music made of, after all? What element is relationship made of?

Let’s pretend the Garden in Genesis refers to perfection. It is what the world that doesn’t need saving looks like. Can you describe it?  If you were to reply to this post, what would you say about a world that doesn’t need saving? That has no evil in it?



One thought on “Don’t save me

  1. Have you read “Havah” by Tosca Lee? She writes a compelling story that includes scenes in the Garden from before the “Fall of man”.

    I imagine that it was everything we consider “paradise” to be and more. Beauty without danger, wonder without fear. Creating without decay, building without destruction.

    Our world is so well designed to handle the brokenness that there are some things hard to imagine without decay, decomposition, and the “circle of life”. Today’s fallen Creation cannot exist without death. If people and animals never died, we’d overpopulate quickly. If plants didn’t die, we wouldn’t have soil capable of sustaining more plants. If the seed doesn’t fall to the ground, it doesn’t germinate and grow.

    Now that I think about it, no wonder God will need to create a new heavens and new earth. This one cannot sustain the kind of immortal life that He wants for us.


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