We are made for a world without pain, and we know it.  We are made for frolicking and cavorting,  joyful abandon, dancing through tulips and kissing butterflies forever. That’s where all the saving the world stuff comes from.  We’d do anything to be free from evil.

Pain means something is wrong. Evil is present. Physically, Psychologically, Spiritually. Pain is a cry for action against evil.

Karl Marx wrote: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.  Most people go straight for the opium, and where does that leave them?

High and deluded. The brain is convinced that the user just saved the world and the feeling is ultimate pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction.

Low. Really low and more desperate for relief than before.

Overdosed and at death’s door.


THIS IS NO ONE’S FAULT.. In our litigious society we are trained to find fault. Let’s lay that down. We are not each other’s judge.

IT IS EVIL MASQUERADING AS GOOD. Evil understands our urge to save the world. Evil is profoundly clever at using a good thing to do evil.  Therefore, “I’ll take away all your pain” leads to neglect, dysfunction, starvation, loss of potential, untimely death.

Medicine has made steady advances against pain.  My life improved to no end when a surgeon removed an entire organ of my body.  Surgery also erased cancer from me, and I stand before you free of that painful evil disease.  Yay medicine. Until the knowledge gets ahead of us and starts to do for us what we should not try to do for ourselves.




2 thoughts on “Opioid Crisis

  1. That is a very interesting way of framing the situation. Perhaps one is most tempted to use, when the pain is too intense or when one has no alternate inner resources…or no sustaining worldview.


    • Intense pain should be ameliorated, not question. I have read that a brain in intense pain digests opioids differently, that’s why they can be administered in those situations without addiction. The addiction comes when the cause of the pain is dealt with and the brain changes the way it digests. There is a crossover point that is as thin as a neutrino between Saturn and Jupiter.


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