We all have a strong sense that, if the world goes, we go.  If only from an instinct of self preservation, we want to save the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the souls we commune with.  We want good to triumph because that stops us starving, wards off the bruises, and evokes that bubbly feeling in our hearts that we call joy (so necessary to our survival).

When we read stories, research has demonstrated that our brains light up in the same areas as if we were actually experiencing the event we read about.  Most of us can tell the difference, but the emotions, and the brain changes that result can do us great good (or great harm, but that is not our focus today).

If we read about saving the world, we can reap the benefits. We can satisfy the urge to kill monsters and lift children above the flood waters, and run into blazing buildings to bring Fluffy out only slightly singed. We can speak the words that bring a lover back, that build a child into a cancer killer, that make a fellow traveler laugh and carry on. We can placate the guilt that cries, ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’.

Arthur, in Leoshine, Princess Oracle, is in Myxolidia to save the civilization.  To save the environment.  His ideas are global. His training is thorough. His ego is a match for the herculean task. He has brains, brawn, charisma, community, and skill.

You can trust him to satisfy your longings for world saving.


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