It’s still no wonder you didn’t save the world.  Sickness, cruelty, neglect, want.  You want to obliterate these evils from the known sphere of existence.

You want to feed every child, dry every tear, strike every bruise or wound from the insulted skin of every victim.

You want the hearts to feel only joy and satisfaction, the minds to be filled only with good, wholesome encouragement. You even thought you could set the parameters of what good is, what wholesome looks like.

Try as you might, your wealth, beauty, intelligence and charisma is not enough.  There is only one characteristic that will bring about the healing perfection you dream about.

You have to be above the fray.  Innocent to the point that you can’t imagine a way to starve a nation, removed so far from the act of causing the wounds that you can make an existence that doesn’t include them, like they never happened.  Not that you can’t imagine them happening, but that they are wiped out so clean that they NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Another word for this is holiness.  You need to be something other than, outside of, separated from what needs saving.  Not a single one of us is this. Not a single one of us can rub our two sticks together to get this.  And, to add to the pain, any attempt on our part, all our rubbing of our two sticks, helps the other side.

The bad guy loves to see us huffing and puffing at the house of holiness.  He encourages us to be removed and distant. He wins when we believe we can save the world.


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