As part of her healing from what happened to me (evil has a long reach) someone in my life keeps finding people for me to talk to who have had similar things happen to them.  This got me thinking, what could/should/would I say to such a person?

First, let me assure you I don’t think my situation is the same as yours.  There may be some similarities, but you are unique, what happened to you is unique, and what happens to you now will be unique.

I would talk to you because you might need community, and I might understand a little better because of my experience. I want to comfort you with the comfort with which I was comforted. AND! Because maybe you can comfort me.  I need community.  I’d like to talk to someone who understands a little better because of their experience.

Some questions that help:

What did you believe about yourself before the trauma?

What message do you hear the evil trying to give you through the event?

What are you learning about yourself?

Where do you want to go with this?

Leoshine is where I practice answering these questions for myself, and helping another soul explore these questions for herself.



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