Do you know the story of Pandora? She was given a box of emotions and told to keep a lid on it.

I can identify with her.  Recently I lifted the lid, and writing has helped when the released passions threaten destruction.

How many emotions can you name from this latest passage of Leoshine? Leoshine explores We explored curiosity. Can you see her grief, terror, relief, joy, regret, excitement, and confusion? I’ve had people tell me a person can’t experience that many emotions all at the same time.  I think Pandora proves them wrong.

Can you help me name the emotion Leoshine feels when she tries to distract her father?  He is weeping. This is unsettling.  She doesn’t want to give him more reason to weep.  She fears…is it embarrassment? trespassing on a cultural taboo?  If he is crumbling, how safe is he and what does that say about her hopes?

What happens to us when a scent burrows deep into our souls?  Our brains actually experience the same neural activity as when the memory was first laid.  But we have experience and insight and physical distance to change our reaction.  Leoshine is longing for her mother, and all that she has lost. The scent secures her loss in her neurons, as well as that part of her that is greater than the physical.

When trauma is new, we live in two worlds.  The old is fresh and we easily slip into thinking it still exists.  Experience with the new, and insight into the good and bad of both, and the time/space continuum draw us, remake us, launch us. Then we decided, to heal or (k)not to heal.


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