In the segment posted last week, Leoshine gets curious about her new environment.  She waits until no one is looking, then she opens all the cupboards and boxes and tests the new objects that will now make up her existence.

Is curiosity an emotion?  What do I feel as I explore, investigate, ask questions?  The thrill of the chase!  Adrenaline pumping, I reach to touch, taste, smell, hear, see, to poke, prod, lift, squeeze, shake.  I test the object’s reaction to my existence and mine to it.

This is a very present tense thing to do.  Past experience may inform my experiments, but true curiosity has no foregone conclusions.  I am open to anything and can receive the newness of life through my senses.  In the back of my mind I might have the future consequences, especially if I consider my experiments dangerous.  But curiosity is a grand way of living in the moment.

Curiosity is youthful. Leoshine is distressed, but still able to engage with her present.  A bitter or cynical youth is a bigger tragedy than a bitter or cynical elder, and a joyous, curious elder is a greater miracle than a joyous, curious youth. That elder has found the elixir of eternal youth and has defeated evil.  Who doesn’t want to defeat evil?

My creativity and curiosity flowing through me is a sign of healing.  They do not begin with me, and I am not their chief destination.  They come from God and they give to the world around me, and their journey through me requires that I agree with Joy and Beauty and Hope, which is the definition of healing.

If I am bitter, this cuts off the flow of creativity and curiosity. Unforgiveness, revenge, pride, these all agree with evil.  They can mimic creativity and curiosity, but they don’t journey, they come to stay, and they don’t do any good to the world around me.

If that was the end of the story, we’d be disappointed.  We don’t feel that Leoshine has been tested to her limit.  We want to see at what point she fails, and what brings her back.  Reader curiosity is a touchpoint where my imagination and yours connects and brings us both truth and healing.



4 thoughts on “What’ca got there?

      • (I would not call curiosity an emotion.)
        What I find interesting is the thought that bitterness and unforgiveness are antithetical to curiosity and cause one’s life to shrivel.
        Also, that creativity and curiosity come from God. I haven’t thought much about curiosity itself.

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  1. What is curiosity? A character trait? I believe it is innate to life. Crows and spiders and snakes and all explore and investigate. Maybe plants too, those roots reach out in wonder.
    Here’s a question. Is God curious? That would mean there are things He doesn’t know, so, no. But Jesus used questions to get people thinking. If someone asked Him something, more often than not, He posed a question in reply. His counselling method was to stimulate curiosity.


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