Healing is good, and good is what vanquishes evil.  So what does healing look like?

You’ll never be the same again.  Trying to stay the same is a form of evil, a resistance against the current of love.

Adam and Eve (you didn’t think we’d get through a conversation about good and evil without mentioning them, did you?) had to leave the garden because it was a static place, devoid of change. I don’t think they changed when they ate the apple, I think they were awakened to their true state, and to their need to find a place where they could change.

The physical body doesn’t ask, should I heal?  In fact, cells going on a rampage of multiplication and bonding is killing a greater percentage of our population every year.  They’ve lost their discernment of when NOT to heal, or what healing looks like.

While my body is straightforward and eager about healing, my soul resists.  In a deep, dark hole it snivels, “If I heal, I’ll just get hurt again, so I’m not going to heal.”  Therein is the evil that hurt me renewed.  At the very least I need to say, “I’ll heal.  I’ll be hurt again, and having healed, I’ll sustain the good. If I don’t heal, the wound from the first hurt will be compounded, until the evil is complete.”


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