Following yesterday’s post are many tails.  One is, What is ‘good’? What does it look like?  Who gets to say what it is?

Winter in the southern hemisphere is endured by the tip of Africa, the tip of South America, Tasmania, New Zealand and Antarctica.  The same season in the northern hemisphere, on the other hand casts untold multitudes into darkness.

I escape the snow beside a riotous torrent that tumbles into an aquamarine pool surrounded by splashes of red snapdragons and yellow petunias, while the sun warms my hair on my shoulders. Is this good? I struggle to forget the millions freezing north of me.

Grown adults commit grave offenses against their children in the name of freedom. Is this good?  They struggle to remember the future.  Companies, religious organisations, military installations; all mix good and evil to accomplish their version of an ideal. Is this ultimately better than the alternative?

When I say that the God I believe in brings good out of evil because this proves true power, I am not speaking of the human idea of good. There has to be something bigger, where good and evil don’t co-mingle. Something less choosy. Something where everyone wins.  Humans can’t do that.

As far as I can tell, God’s idea of good is bringing people back to something they might have had, and can now have in greater quantities and qualities. Resurrection. Healing. Spring.

Healing is the ultimate statement of good out of evil.


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