Why does God allow…?  This is the question of our age.  Other ages whispered it.  The bible is full of it, just read Psalm 73 or the book of Habakkuk.  Our age screams it, basing every word, every action, entire lifestyles upon the answer we come up with.

Atheists decide there can’t be a God if…

Agnostics decide God is far away if…

Deists, Animalists, Horoscopists. Name the ism and you will see this question behind the created answers.

Why do humans allow….? We claim pitifulness but truly we have great power and we don’t use it.  Then we create a little god in our image and blame it so that we can escape our guilt.

I wonder what my ism is called.  Here is my premise: A god who protects, and ensures no harm, is weaker than the God Who brings good out of evil. It takes more power, wisdom and gives more glory to a wider sphere to turn an evil act into a blessing than it would to secure that evil from happening. By right of necessity, I require the most powerful God of all.

A god who protects has to choose who gets the good.  Therefore the Legalists purport that only the obedient, the dutiful will get to Nirvana.  A God Who brings good out of evil splatters grace in every direction.  The one who committed the evil is as likely to benefit as the victim.

Where’s the justice in that?  What do you call ‘justice’? Where do you draw the boundary between good and evil? Justice and Mercy? Grace and Love?

How does Leoshine explore this question? Suffice to say, evil is a tool in her life, and her harvest is delightful.


*(The title made me laugh.  There are so many interpretations.  I hope you will engage with me in the meaning and ramifications you see.)


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