Do you struggle to be gentle?  Is this a quality that seems to have no place in the world we live in?  What about ‘noble’? Sometimes the things that seem to have no place are the things that we need most.

Leoshine’s society is neither gentle nor noble.  The Rite of Womanhood is ghastly, a stripping of the woman’s soul, by physical means, and an attempt to overlay a man’s soul where hers is now missing.  We are as relieved as Iliana that Leoshine has escaped this travesty.

Arthur offers her a nobler alternative, but only after he strips away his misconceptions of her liking the things he likes, thinking the way he thinks, and approving everything about him as an extension of his most intimate ego.

The truth sets us free. Freedom is noble. And nobility treasures gentleness.

As a Noble Gentlewoman, or Gentleman, how do you make sure you are not stripped, not overlaid, and don’t expect others to extend your ego?


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