This hair fell from my head today.  One and a half thumb tops of it are brown, the rest, 2 years of growth, is white.  I had read that hair can turn and grow white from the point of trauma, but this is the first time I’ve seen it from my own head.

I think that Leoshine is young enough that her hair won’t turn white at her trauma.  She has the resilience of youth that is always seeking a way through.  Her father gifted her with flexibility, the expectation of new ideas and the ability to adopt change.

Leoshine, Princess Oracle is a book about deciding what to keep and what to toss, and how to amalgamate the good from two or more sources.  This is the definition of human reliance.   I like to say that humans are infinitely adaptable.  Just look at the varied cultural responses all over the world.  We are constantly amalgamating;  DNA, fusion food, design, the list is endless.

There comes a time, though when the adaptation takes on bodily expressions.  Whitened hair as a badge of survival.  A straight back and quiet eyes as signs of wisdom and perseverance.

Leoshine will learn these too, in the course of the story.


2 thoughts on “Trauma Hair

  1. Wow – I did not know that about hair, and I haven’t noticed it in yours, but it makes sense.
    That is an interesting teaser for the Leoshine story!


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