I have a sign in my house that says, Normal people worry me.

People who want to be normal worry me more.  They are fighting against the odds, fighting against their gifts and talents, and we all lose.  Normal is status quo, don’t rock the boat. Normal is what you think everyone else is doing. Normal is hard work.

Someone commented that she has heard people there voicing the kind of thoughts Arthur has, in a psych ward.  He is ‘touched’. His experiences, combined with his personality and mental wiring make him dangerous.  The things that make him a brilliant leader threaten his connection with reality.

Great leaders manage a level of input and output that would kill others less gifted. They begin with hard wiring (their brains are built for the load), continue with circumstance (they meet the right people, are in the right places at the right times, etc) and bloom with intelligent orchestration, on their part and the part of others.

I believe community is the balance point between managed, productive insanity and the dangerous kind. And the dangerous kind is a cry for help, from a community that has failed.  Arthur begins the story with a well balanced community. They know their roles and goals, and work together toward mitigating his pain and strengthening his connections.  They believe in him.  He doesn’t always appreciate their interference, but he trusts them.

How strong is your community? Do you have people who mitigate your pain? Do you have people who call you to account? Is there an abundance of Grace cushioning you from ‘normal’?




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