I went to a Writer’s conference!  When Words Collide is a multi -genre explosion of talent and community.  200 workshops for 700 people.  An abundance of encouragement flowed my way from publishers, editors, and fellow writers and readers.

I went as part of a group.  We attended different workshops and took notes for each other. As the conference progressed, we added 2 new people to our party.  Two days later 7 of the 12 ate lunch together and swapped inspiration.

Eventually, all these statistics come down to me, the writer.  And you , the reader.I am working hard to make Leoshine a great story that is delightful to a wide variety of readers.

I feel like a walrus with its whiskers in the mud, hunting for the right way to give you Leoshine.


2 thoughts on “Walrus Whiskers! What’s happening?

  1. I like the way the reader is instantly in the action. I love the alien feel of Leoshine’s world (beautiful name, by the way!) and I was holding my breath as I read, hoping nothing awful was going to happen to her. You’ve left me intrigued, wanting to know more, to find out what has happened…


    • Hello! I really appreciate your feedback! There is a publisher looking at Leoshine and they advised I not post more until they have decided if they want to be involved. If you contact me privately at frankenseeh@yahoo.com I think I can help you!
      Again, your comment is a kindness to me that will not be forgotten.


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