What do you think of when you read the word ‘passion’?  Lust?  Well, I’m not going to address that subject here, yet.

The meaning of Passion in this post is, intensity of emotion.  What is the most intense emotion you have ever felt?  How often do you feel so strongly about something that you feel your molecules dissolving their chemical bonds?

Emotions have physical expressions.  Trying not to express feelings leads to carnage at the cellular level – the dissolving of chemistry.  But I can feel something and be expressing it in the fullest way I know how, and still feel that my physical body is inadequate.  The emotion needs there to be more of me.

Do you have this experience?

Arthur does, in Leoshine, Princess Oracle.  He is intensely aware of physical input, smells, sounds, sights, touch and tastes. He has to be larger than life to lead the expedition to save Myxolidia. But he is flawed.

He has to intentionally organise his mind to prioritize which sensation he pays attention to at any particular moment. Most of us do this as a semi-voluntary brain function. I believe in a spectrum where some of us have to be more intentional about this hierarchy of senses, and some can do it with the ease of breathing.

Anger, or, as when Leoshine enters his world, fascination, curiosity and desire blow all his mind organisation to smithereens.  Suddenly he is passionate and behaves as he does not intend.  Suddenly the intensity overrides his learned responses to the world.

How about you?  Do you recognise this?  Where would you put yourself on the spectrum of sensation organisation?  Of passion and its expression?


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