Fear is the opposite side of the coin to Anger.  When does one ever come without the other?  Some go into fear because anger is not an acceptable response in their culture, or for their gender, some go into anger because fear is frowned upon.  They are powerful emotional responses to the same stimuli.

Leoshine is fearful and subversively angry. Arthur is her opposite. They dance back and forth, growing closer, running away, until… Does the dance ever end?  Do they come to a balance?  Do they learn to accept the emotion they are hiding, in themselves, in the other?

Have you been thrown into a new culture?  This world is more transient every day.  What frightened you the most about the new rules?  Did you have choices in how you played the new ‘game’, or, like Leoshine, was your personal power erased?  How much of the old ways were you able to keep?  How hard did you have to fight to keep that much? Did you find any of the new ways beneficial?  Did you convince any of the new culture people to adopt something from your old culture?  Did you see a blend happening?

When you are afraid, can you identify the anger lying near by? Or when you are angry, do you look for the fear?  What insights can you gain from this self examination?



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