…is a major theme in Leoshine.  She is angry with her new situation.  She grew up in a patriarchal society and family where a man’s anger is justifiable but a woman’s anger is a sin, an anathema to a man’s happiness.  She is careful with her expressions of the emotion.  She knows to play it safe with her master, and she feels she can blast those she feels superior to. 

Arthur has a habit of anger that he doesn’t understand, that he learned from his father.  When he is well rested and fed, he manages the rage and uses it to get his way.  Deprivation of his body gives wings to the destructive wrath in his soul.

Robin is the whipping post for Arthur’s rage, and it gets to him in the end.  His divided nature, the two masks that alternate freely in his life, close in on each other and grapple. Will one destroy the other? Or will he be the first fruits of Arthur’s dream of unifying his people?  

No one escapes anger in real life and every character struggles with it in Leoshine, Princess Oracle.  I lived more than half my life under the shadow of  Rafael Sabatini’s Scaramouche quote: “Anger is man’s basest emotion.” Base meaning, to be eliminated if I want to be holy.  

David and Paul are very specific, Be angry and do not sin. (Ps 4:4 and Eph 4:26) God gets angry and if we are like Him we have a license to do it, like He does it.   There’s the rub. Anything we come up with is always a mere shadow, and always a dark shadow compared to Him. 

I have moved away from total subversion of my anger (stuffing it) but I still feel society’s stricture, that a woman’s anger is sin, and I still fear the pain my anger causes others, whether it is justified or not.  ‘Playing’ with anger through writing is a safe way to learn.  


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