Where does Leoshine fit?

The world Leoshine lives in is man made.  There is suppositional science behind the  Dome, or terrasphere that holds her atmosphere together.  I made it up and it is not based on any known scientific principals, more a poetic expression of how I imagine our atmosphere holds together.  Is there a genre called Sup-Sci-Fi?  21st Century readers will recognise the function of the devices, if not the names.  There is an element of Steam punk because those devices are used in a primitive culture.  Some perform a more limited function than what we have today, and others would blow our capacity into the third heaven.

I purposely did not allow elves or dwarves or other fantasy creatures to populate the story.  Human nature is fascinating and challenging enough for me to write about without introducing magical elements.  I am a fan of Speculative Faith, a blog about Christian Fantasy and other speculative genres and I see fairies in the woods near my home, or at least I see their haunts. I have created multiple plots for them to inhabit and perhaps one day they will see publication. For now, Leoshine is not a fantasy story.

The flora and fauna under the Dome have names that we recognise but often I wonder if the horses or foxes or oaks or lilies of the future might not look like those we know.  I use those words to invoke the beauty and character of the beast while in my mind they have freedom to dance and burrow, delight and serve the characters of Leoshine in ways only the reader will invent.  I give my readers permission to dream.

My reason for choosing speculative fiction?  Research doesn’t attract me as much as imagining ways in which humans might interact.  Of natural course I borrow elements from known cultures and recombine human adaptations to create the society Leoshine is born into, and the society of the Invaders.  One of the main themes of the story is how two radically different societies merge, how each member sacrifices and compromises and is willing to die for what he and she deems essential.


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