Welcome!  I have been writing the story of Leoshine for about 15 years.  At last technology has caught up to my vision of sharing this story with the public, seeking opinions and feedback, suggestions and constructive input.  I remain the author and creative executive while we create a community for this vibrant young lady to live in the real world.

Leoshine lives in Myxolidia, a terrasphere established by Aeolia, which is a terrasphere established by its parent in a chain leading all the way back to ‘mythical’ Earth.  She is the youngest child of Myxolidia’s highest authority, Mayor Curtstas.  Her oldest brother Georg is her hero. She is unsure of her other brother Wol, since he is sometimes very generous and at other times cruel.  Of her two sisters, Giffshine is Leoshine’s source of knowledge into the mysteries of ‘womanhood’ after initiation, a ceremony in her culture that turns girls into mothers; and  Hillashine is homely, in Leoshine’s eyes, often grumpy, but a source of comfort when Mother is distracted. Hillashine has gone through initiation shortly before the story opens.

In Leoshine’s early childhood her father disappears.  Mother frets and calls down doom.  Georg and Wol assume their rolls as Father’s heirs in a turbulent political atmosphere.  They barely hold their own until Father returns with secrets that he hints at but never explains.


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